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Luminous thread – Visible at all times

You don’t really need fluorescent strips to be seen in the dark. Luminous thread also has this useful property. Sew your child a nice jacket or trousers with this effective thread so that you don’t have to worry when they come home in the dark. But the W6 luminous thread can be used for many other purposes. Whether for Halloween, a child's birthday party or as a unique effect at the disco: you will definitely be seen!

W6 colour card, sewing and embroidery thread
Colour card with the original thread colour samples: 391 colours, the colours are in available in all possible hues, shades and nuances. 22 multi-colour thread colours with interesting transitions between colours, to achieve a lively and colourful seam appearance that creates the effect you are looking for.

W6 sewing and embroidery thread, colour no. 1260 TexLight (800 m)
The W6 luminous thread is made of phosphorescent material and makes your seams and embroidery work glow.This enables you to create wonderful and very special effects in the dark.For instance for Halloween, children’s birthday parties, or as a special effect to give your records collection that unique “disco feel”.The luminous thread stores light and emits it again in the dark.The level of luminosity depends on the intensity of the light the thread was exposed to before.Lint-freeHigh-quality threadStrong colour and functionAbrasion-resistant, robustIdeal sewing and embroidery characteristicsMaximum durabilityColours may vary within the deviation range common in the industry.Please note that every screen displays colours somewhat differently. Use the W6 colour card to determine the exact thread colour.Trust in textiles according to Öko-Tex Standard 100Test number: 93.0.4233 HOHENHTTI Testing institute: HOHENSTEIN Textile Testing Institute GmbH & Co. KGW6 application tips for an ideal sewing and embroidery pattern:Pull the close-knit net included in the scope of delivery over the W6 luminous thread spool so that the thread can unwind smoothly (see image below).Thread the W6 luminous thread into the W6 sewing and embroidery machine.Use the white W6 bobbin thread as lower thread.Test the tension of the upper and lower thread.The upper and lower thread must unwind smoothly.Use size 90 W6 titanium needles for sewing and embroidering.Put W6 stabiliser under the fabric to stabilise it.Sew and embroider at a medium embroidery speed.

Content: 800 Meter (€1.87* / 100 Meter)

W6 thread spool adapter
W6 thread spool adapter for threads which do not run smoothly or for jumping threads W6 WERTARBEIT recommends the W6 thread spool adapter for threads which do not run smoothly or for jumping threads.Application: Insertion of the thread spool adapter Insert the white W6 thread spool adapter into the large thread spool opening (only 1,000 metres). Place it on the vertical or horizontal bracket, depending on the machine type A smooth unwinding of the thread is achieved Application: Removal of the thread spool adapter Carefully pull the thread spool adapter out of the large thread spool opening by means of sharp scissors or tweezers Please note: W6 Wertarbeit supplies the thread spool adapter without thread.


Create extraordinary special effects in the dark with luminous thread

The high-quality W6 luminous thread is made of phosphorescent material, to allow your seams to light up. It stores up light and reflects it when it’s dark. The luminescence depends on the intensity of the light action. You’ll be delighted about the strong effect of the luminous colours.

Just like our other threads, the luminous thread is suitable for embroidery and sewing. It is tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant and robust. The high thread quality prevents lint – your sewing machine and washing machine will thank you.

Before placing your order, please think about the potential general colour deviations. Every screen also displays colours differently. If you would like to be completely sure that you’ve chosen the correct colour tone, we recommend using the W6 colour card. As well as 391 colours, you will also find an overview of our unusual options such as luminous thread, neon thread or multi-coloured thread.

Luminous thread is easiest to work with if you are working in the ideal sewing conditions. Pull the accompanying net over the spool so that the thread runs smoothly. As lower thread you can use the white W6 embroidery thread. A W6 titanium needle size 90 will make sewing and embroidering a comfortable experience. Before you start the actual sewing process, check the tension of the upper and lower threads. Placing stabiliser underneath will support your luminous work. For a neat result, work at a moderate sewing and embroidering speed.

With W6 Wertarbeit, you’re in total control

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And because your satisfaction is very important to us, you will receive a top-class service as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or via email. Let’s conquer the marvellous art of sewing, together. You’ll be amazed.

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