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W6 coverlock sewing machines

Do you want your clothing and sewing projects to look professional, as if they were bought in a shop? With a coverlock sewing machine you can achieve exactly this result. Quickly sew neat and good-looking hem seams as well as decorative seams.

Our high-quality W6 coverlock sewing machines will convince you due to their robustness and durability. Enjoy your creative hobby and sew a wide variety of projects. Whether a cute little dress for your child, new curtains, tablecloths or clothes for your own use: A W6 coverlock sewing machine offers brand quality at an attractive price.

W6 sewing machine N 707D free-arm coverlock
Are you not satisfied with the twin seam result of your sewing machine?Do you want your hem seams on t-shirts and sweatshirts to look like the ones on a purchased shirt?If so, then the W6 Cover is the right sewing machine for you. The Cover can also be easily operated by beginners. W6 has developed a user-friendly threading system. Threading is simplified by the quick threading of the lower looper as well as the clear coloured markings. Naturally, W6 WERTARBEIT will provide you with a detailed hard-copy manual in German. Detailed, instructional videos on threading and using the machine will further support you in familiarising yourself with the machine. After all, we want to make sure that you are able to create professional seams in no time with the W6 N 707 D. The default settings already put you in a perfect position to create ideal seams. If you ever find yourself working with special fabrics with their own unique requirements, you will always be able to adapt the thread tensions, the stitch lengths or the foot pressure to suit those fabrics. The W6 Cover is a free-arm machine, which means You will be able to create perfect hems even in tricky spots with this machine. The free-arm makes working on sleeves and trouser legs incredibly easy. The optionally available large extension table relieves the tension on the fabric when sewing and guarantees easy covering. You can cover with one, two or three needles. You need inspiration for sewing t-shirts, sweatshirts or decorative stitches? The W6 WERTARBEIT Cover can create a large number of different stitches. The chain seam can serve you as an elastic textile seam, which is mainly used in high-quality sports clothing. The chain seam is produced with only 2 threads. Naturally, the W6 N 707 D can also produce a perfect cover seam. You can choose between three or four threads for the classic cover seam. Different seam widths can be created by removing the right or left needle from the machine. You can thus create either a narrow or a wide cover seam. We recommend using all four threads to create a durable elastic seam. The steplessly adjustable differential enables you to ideally process complicated, very elastic fabrics within the scope of the given possibilities. The adjustable presser foot pressure guarantees the functionality of the Cover. The optionally available Cover foot range will delight advanced and experienced users. Accessories: Oiler Brush ELX705 needle set Thread spool net (4x) (for poorly unwinding threads) Thread pulling disc Needle threader Hexagonal screwdriver, small Tweezers Accessories Spool centring ring (4x) Cover (folded) Packaging dimensions and weights: Width: approx. 37.5 cm (with handwheel) Depth: approx. 28.3 cm Height: approx. 31.0 cm Weight: 6.4 kg Click on the image or right-click and open in a new tab or window   Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz (ElektroG) [German law on electrical and electronic devices]: WEEE reg. no. DE 16750009

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Make the steps of your work easier with an overlock

The name coverlock is fairly self-explanatory. It means placing a cover stitch on the seam. In this special type of sewing machine the hook combines the lower thread with two to three needle threads of the upper threads. The choice of needle results in a wide or narrow cover seam or chain stitch seam. A cover cannot sew backwards.

Later, pull the threads into the cover seam using a darning needle and sew them. All coverlock machines have two to three needles and a lower hook, meaning you can use different types of seam.

Cover means that this machine has no knife and can, therefore, sew into fabric. A coverlock sewing machine makes sewing so much easier. It sews the hem seam for a t-shirt and overlocks this seam or uses a simple chain stitch seam. You will save a lot of time. And you can look forward to some professional seam and design results.

When is a coverlock machine a worthwhile investment?

If you are enthusiastic about sewing and would like to make your sewing projects look more professional, a coverlock sewing machine is definitely worthwhile for you. You will quickly produce beautiful and neat hem seams, decorative seams or a chain stitch seam with a coverlock machine.

However, a coverlock sewing machine cannot replace a standard sewing machine. It focuses on sewing fabrics together, and producing hem seams and decorative seams. You need a sewing machine for sewing on buttons, making buttonholes and for adding adornments. Embroidery also requires a special machine. At W6, we offer the following combinations: a sewing and embroidering machine in one or, for example, the later acquisition of a W6 embroidery unit EU7.

Place professional seams

For a long time, coverlock machines were only used in industrial sewing. More and more private and amateur sewers are interested in this machine. Create professional hem seams and decorative seams with ease on various fabrics such as cotton, elastic fabrics or wafer-thin fabrics. Depending on the stitching program, our W6 coverlock machines have up to 4 sewing and hemming programs to choose from. Of course, you can also use the optional special cover feet to sew on trendy crimping and lace, hem ribbons, or sew on cords and run-in threads.

In general, our machines have a four-thread system that you can use to produce sewing projects with two to three threads. If you only use two threads, you save a lot of money on thread. You can also decide whether you wish to sew with one needle, two needles or three needles.

Broad cover seam with three needles

This four-thread seam is often used as a hem seam for highly durable seams. You can generally use this seam to sew highly elastic and very stretchy materials.

Broad cover seam with two needles

With the three-thread seam, you can sew a vast number of materials. You can also use this seam to create stressed hem seams for t-shirts and polo shirts. This seam is approx. 6 mm wide. In comparison to the four-thread seam, you can save a spool of thread here.

Narrow cover seam sewn with 2 needles

A three-thread seam is created again. Simply removing an external needle makes the cover seam narrower. This narrow version of the cover seam can serve as a durable end seam or decorative seam. This seam is approx. 3 mm wide.

Chain stitch seam

The aim is a two-thread seam. The removal of 2 needles means that only one needle thread and the lower hook thread are used for sewing. This results in a so-called chain seam or chain stitch seam, which appears on the upper side of the fabric as a so-called backstitch.

Properties of W6 coverlock sewing machines

One model awaiting you in our range is the free-arm coverlock machine W6 N 707D. This coverlock machine is also suitable for coverlock beginners. The free-arm coverlock has additional practical functions that you can use to sew and hem in a professional manner.

Our W6 coverlock machines work with a maximum of four threads. There is a lower hook, which you can easily thread using a threading aid.

On the W6 N 707D free-arm coverlock machine, you will find attributes such as a freely adjustable differential feed and adjustable presser foot pressure which really optimise your sewing work. It’s easy to set the stitch length using a controller. The threading paths are clear and indicated using different colours, which allows you to place the threads without difficulty. Other coverlock stitches and cover sewing widths can be easily adjusted on the coverlock machine.

The W6 N 707D free-arm coverlock machine awaits with its many advantageous features.

You can easily get to all the important setting variants, and easily access the metal needle plate at any time. Thanks to LED HQ lighting and the hook threading aid, you can thread the lower thread even more quickly. The variety of programs with 4 different seams and many optional special feet make the model quite versatile. And the machine even stays very quiet and runs smoothly at a high stitching speed.

A vast number of accessories for your coverlock sewing machine

Of course, along with your new coverlock machine, we also provide compatible accessories so that you can get started with your first project straight away. This includes, for example, a set of tweezers, thread spool nets, needle threaders, spool centring device, thread pulling discs, a set of needles, a foot controller, a brush, a box of accessories and a cover.

Service your coverlock machine regularly. This will allow you to enjoy your machine for longer. To do this, you will receive accessories such as a screwdriver, hex screwdriver, brush and a bottle of oil.

Coverlock machines for schools and sewing institutions

Owing to the growing interest in coverlock sewing machines, many schools, sewing schools and institutions now also run sewing courses with a coverlock machine. You can show your students that you can quickly place neat and precise stitches using a W6 coverlock machine. The professional results will impress everyone. We at W6 can provide all the necessary equipment for your course. We are happy to help you at any time, as a reliable partner.

Excellent service for you: This is W6 Wertarbeit

Our W6 coverlock sewing machines are exclusively available in first-class brand quality. We also offer you a comprehensive service package. We would be happy to advise you on our coverlock model. With us you will find the right sewing machine: whether you’re a beginner, ambitious hobby tailor or a professional. And if you need a spare part, we can get this for you as well. If you register on our website after buying a coverlock machine, sewing machine or embroidering machine, you will also get a 10-year warranty for your machine.

If your coverlock sewing machine needs any maintenance or repairs, we’d be happy to help. Our master workshop will get your coverlock machine back in good working order. This is real workmanship. See for yourself!

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