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W6 WERTARBEIT has done everything to ensure that our sewing machine, overlock, coverlock or embroidery unit meets your expectations.

However, if one of the products mentioned above does not work, please contact our customer service. In addition to the legal guarantee, we offer you a warranty under the following conditions should you purchase a W6 sewing machine, W6 overlock, W6 coverlock or W6 embroidery unit:

  1. W6 Wertarbeit Projektierungs- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Bredenbecker Str. 13, 30974 Wennigsen, (hereafter: W6) assumes this manufacturer's guarantee under the following conditions for your sewing machine, overlock, coverlock or embroidery unit exclusively for consumers that are first customers.

  2. This manufacturer's guarantee covers the following products: W6 sewing machines, W6 overlock machines, W6 coverlock machines and W6 embroidery units.

  3. This guarantee does not limit the consumer's legally mandated defect claims (warranty rights) to which the consumer is entitled against the seller and which he can exercise free of charge. This guarantee exists in addition to the legally mandated defect claims (warranty). It applies without prejudice to mandatory statutory liability regulations such as the product liability law, in cases of intent and gross negligence, for harm to life, body or health caused by W6 or its vicarious agents. This guarantee doesn't limit these possibly favourable rights, which the consumer can exercise free of charge. This guarantee does not limit possible rights to which the first customer and the consumer are entitled against the seller who sold the product to the first customer/consumer.

  4. "Consumer" within the meaning of this guarantee is any natural person who is the owner of the product and who has not acquired it to sell on or sell it to a third party as part of their commercial or independent vocational activity or to install it with third parties. "First customer" is the consumer who first purchased the product from W6 or an authorised W6 reseller. "Warrantee" is the first customer who is the consumer and who has registered with W6 in accordance with the following conditions.

  5. The rights arising from this guarantee can only be asserted against W6 after the consumer has registered on the W6 homepage ( and provided all of the necessary data. The registration must be completed within one month of the date of purchase. The time of registration does not affect the guarantee period, according to clause 6. You will receive a confirmation email after a successful registration.

  6. This guarantee is valid for a period of 10 years. The guarantee period begins with the purchase of the machine by the first customer; it applies across Europe and is non-transferable. The guarantee period shall not be extended based on the provision of services within the framework of this guarantee, in particular, not for repair or exchange. In such cases, the warranty term also does not start anew.

  7. As part of these conditions, W6 guarantees the warrantee that the products, according to clause 2, are free of material, manufacturing and design defects. Crucial here is the state of science and technology at the time of manufacture. The product must already have had the defect which caused the damage at this point in time. Claims for compensation for consequential damage or product liability shall exist only subject to the mandatory statutory regulations. Guarantee for the usual wear of exposed parts, accidental damage, damage due to negligence or failures due to misuse, especially concerning the manual instructions, is also ruled out.

  8. The guarantee does not cover the following parts: Needles, bobbins, light bulbs, carbon brushes, threading devices, cutting tools and all other parts subject to normal wear.

  9. The requirement for asserting a claim from this warranty, besides registration under clause 3, is the proper use and maintenance according to the manual, compliance with the manual and the use of W6 products according to the technical instructions and care instructions from W6. In such a case, the warrantee is entitled to demonstrate that there is no connection between the improper use, for example, and the guarantee case. The warranty is void if the machine has not been used properly and only for standard domestic purposes and shall become immediately void if unauthorised persons carry out repairs or repair attempts or modifications to the machine or in the case of damage resulting from mishandling or improper handling, environmental influences (moisture, heat, overvoltage, dust etc.), not observing the safety precautions which apply to the machine, the use of force (e.g. striking, collision, falling), unauthorised repair attempts, sending the machine in unsuitable packing. It is also void if the serial number has been changed or is illegible. All works carried out in this context must be paid for.

  10. The warrantee can assert these rights from this guarantee against W6 or the retailer from whom the warrantee purchased the product by way of written notification of defect to W6 Wertarbeit Projektierungs- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Bredenbecker Str. 13, 30974 Wennigsen, via email to: or via the contact form on the homepage within the warranty term. The written report must include a detailed error description, the first customer's name and address, and proof of purchase (e.g. purchase contract). A further requirement is that the warrantee reports the defect within two months of the point at which he noticed it, or should have noticed it. The warrantee is responsible for proving that the warranty is not expired or void (for example, by presenting the receipt, purchase contract or similar). W6 is entitled to determine the beginning of the warranty term according to the date of manufacture.

  11. In the case of a warranty claim, W6 may choose whether to repair the product, exchange the product, or provide the warrantee with a refund of the purchase price. In the case of an exchange, the old product is replaced free of charge by a new product of the same kind, quality and type. W6 is entitled to supply a similar product in particular if the product in question is no longer manufactured, for instance, at the time the defect notification was received. Replaced machines or parts of machines are transferred to the property of W6. If W6 chooses to refund the purchase price and confirms this, the warrantee shall return the product and W6 shall then refund the paid purchase price to an account specified by the warrantee.

  12. In the case of a warranty claim and if repair or exchange becomes necessary, please make contact with W6 first, as described under clause 10, and then, according to the instructions that you receive from W6, send the machine to W6 at your own costs and with the proper packaging and insurance. If you can, send the machine in the original box with the original polystyrene inner padding – this will essentially eliminate the possibility of damage during transport.

  13. If a product defect is deemed not to be covered by this guarantee, all costs incurred shall be borne by the warrantee himself, including any labour costs incurred during the examination of the product and the costs for dismantling and re-installing the product. If, after being informed that the guarantee does not apply and about the anticipated costs of repair, the warrantee wishes the repair to be carried out, he must also bear the costs for the replacement parts and labour. If the product did not already have the defect at the time of delivery, W6 shall decide in cases of doubt whether this can be removed as a goodwill gesture. In this case, the warrantee does not have a legal claim for the removal of defects.

The place of fulfilment for the obligations in this warranty is Wennigsen, Germany.
As legally permissible, the place of jurisdiction is Wennigsen, Germany.

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