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It’s currently not possible for you to drop off your machine in person.
Please book an inspection here in the shop and then send your machine to us.

Tips for your W6 machine

Your W6 machine needs a certain amount of basic care and cleaning for it to maintain the same stitching quality.
To allow you to carry out this care easily yourself without much effort, the W6 workshop team has provided you with suitable care instructions with description illustrations.
In the top bar under the menu option Help, you will find clear cleaning instructions under the respective machine type.

However, there are parts of your W6 machine that you cannot reach as part of the usual W6 care instructions.
If your W6 machine was used very frequently, the fluff and dust deposits must be removed regularly.
Is the appearance f the seam no longer flawless even after you have thoroughly cleaned your sewing machine?
Is your W6 machine getting noisier?
If this is the case, dust or thread remnants should be removed from the bearings and shafts by a professional.

The interaction between the hook and needle bar should be readjusted at certain intervals, as these can also be affected by dirt deposits and needle strikes.
Thorough cleaning as part of an inspection service by our W6 master workshop will solve these problems.

Parts covered by the warranty conditions will of course be replaced free of charge..

An inspection performed at regular intervals at the owner’s expense will result in quiet operating characteristics and always nice seams. Furthermore, this will also promote durability and functionality.

  • W6 WERTARBEIT recommends an annual inspection for all frequent sewers.
  • For all other customers we recommend an inspection interval of 2 to 4 years be maintained.

No matter which option you choose, we’re happy to help.


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