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thank you for your interest. Allow us at W6 WERTARBEIT to introduce ourselves: 

A short video to introduce the payment type paydirekt in cooperation with the Hannoversche Volksbank,
with lots of information about us, beautiful pictures of our business and logistics.

The sewing machine W6 WERTARBEIT is based in the greater Hanover area.

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W6 WERTARBEIT places a great deal of value on the quality, solid and high-quality manufacture, long service lives and quiet running qualities of the W6 machines, all for an unbeatable price-performance ratio. This is confirmed by many current test results.

Our high-quality production of W6 machines also allows us to offer you an unbeatable manufacturing warranty of 10 years, in addition to your statutory guarantee (if you register within one month).

The product range consists of:

  • Sewing machines 
  • Embroidering machines 
  • Overlock machines
  • Embroidery software 
  • Accessories 
  • High-quality thread 
  • Scissors and much more

From the beginner model to luxury sewing and embroidering machines, you can quickly and easily make your own projects a reality. On our W6 WERTARBEIT homepage, our decision-making support can help you by compiling all the W6 machines in a table for a clear comparison, and will support you in finding your personal sewing favourites. To give you an overview of everything you can conjure up with the machines, under w6-naehmaschinen/hilfe, you will find detailed, free instruction videos and tips & tricks for every W6 WERTARBEIT machine.

You’ll be making an excellent decision when you opt for a sturdy W6 WERTARBEIT machine.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are happy to help you further even after you’ve made your purchase with our specialist email support team.

Of course, we also offer unbeatably affordable inspections for all our W6 machines in our own W6 WERTARBEIT master workshop.

Are you looking for affordable offers?
In our bargain market, you will find our refurbished W6 machines. W6 customers can make use of their right of return within the W6 return term of 4 weeks. These returned machines go through our W6 master workshop. They are fully functional and are checked to ensure they are complete. This means you can get yourself a bargain with the full 10-year W6 WERTARBEIT warranty.

We would be delighted to welcome you as a new W6 customer. W6-Inh58bfe65c56f84



The name  W6 WERTARBEIT comes from the German expression:

wirwissen wie WERTARBEIT wahr wird

This means “We know how workmanship can become a reality”. The six red building blocks on the right side of the W6 logo represent this slogan.


W6 Wertarbeit
W6 Wertarbeit
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