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Sales channels authorised by W6 WERTARBEIT from whom you can obtain a 10-year warranty:

  • Amazon (ONLY the seller: W6 Wertarbeit)
  • Ebay (ONLY the seller: w6_naehmaschinen)
  • Kaufland (ONLY the seller: W6-Wertarbeit)
  • Otto (ONLY the seller: W6 WERTARBEIT)
  • Netto

You can only find bargain machines with the 10-year warranty directly at W6 WERTARBEIT on the W6 WERTARBEIT shop page.

All other sellers on Amazon, Check24, Ebay, Hood, Kaufland, etc. are not approved resellers. If you choose this option, you have no claim to the full warranty from us as a customer, you cannot know whether you have really received a new product in perfect working order, and most of the time, you have even paid significantly more money for less service.

W6 Wertarbeit
W6 Wertarbeit
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