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Transport cases / trolleys

To indulge in the creative and traditional craft of sewing, you don’t just need a sewing machine, you also need high-quality sewing accessories.

Particularly the storage and transportation of a sewing machine, overlock or coverstitch machine can quickly become a challenge.To keep your machine perfectly protected from dust and other soiling, you can use a dust cover or a sewing machine bag.
W6 Wertarbeit are at the ready with high-quality models which will make storage and transportation considerably easier.

W6 overlock dust cover
Suitable for: W6 N 454D W6 N 656D free-arm

W6 sewing machine dust cover
Suitable for W6 sewing machines with slot for the handle - also suitable for other makes Dimensions: Length: 40 cm/Height: 28.8 cm/Depth: 15 cm Colour: White

W6 sewing machine overlock transport bag
A great way to quickly, easily and securely transport the overlock machine to, for example, a sewing club meeting.Outer dimensions: Height: approx. 33 cm / Length: approx. 35.5 cm / Depth: approx. 26.5 cmThe inner dimensions are: Height: approx. 32 cm / Length: approx. 34.5 cm / Depth: approx. 25.5 cmColour: Blue

W6 sewing machine transport bag
The transport case enables the quick and easy transport of the sewing machine from one location to another. The case protects the sewing machine from dust during storage and provides sufficient space for your sewing utensils. For W6 Wertarbeit sewing machines - but also suitable for other makes You can use this bag to transport the following sewing machines: W6 N 1135 W6 N 1800 W6 N 1615 W6 N 1235/61 W6 N 2000 W6 N 2000 Exklusive W6 N 3300 W6 N 3300 Exklusive W6 N 5000 V1 / V2 W6 N 5000 Exklusive W6 N 6000 W6 N 8000 V1 / V2 W6 N 8000 Exklusive Further Information: Internal dimensions: Height: approx. 33 cm/length: approx. 43.5 cm/depth: approx. 21.5 cm Colour: red/blue

W6 sewing machine trolley
Attractive modern design with many elaborate detailsRetractable and adjustable telescopic handle for comfortable height adjustmentIdeal rolling characteristics with robust double castors for even and smooth directional stabilityStable thanks to large base. The feet secure the sewing machine from tipping over when it is put downThe original W6 Wertarbeit sewing machine trolley makes sure your W6 sewing machine arrives safely to your sewing club meeting. The trolley is large enough to ensure that all necessary sewing utensils and the machine itself fit into it. You will love the attractive modern design with many elaborate details, the retractable and adjustable telescopic handle for comfortable height adjustment, the stable double castors for even and smooth directional stability as well as its stability thanks to the large base in combination with the tipping-proof feet. Whether you are attending a sewing course or want to visit your friends to sew together - you will be perfectly equipped for comfortably transporting your machine with our trolley.Convenient transport and a lot of storage spaceAttractive modern design with many elaborate detailsRetractable and adjustable telescopic handle for comfortable height adjustmentIdeal rolling characteristics with robust double castors for even and smooth directional stabilityStable thanks to large base. The tipping-proof feet secure the sewing machine when it is put downOur W6 sewing machine trolley offers sufficient space for your sewing machineThe sewing machine trolley is also suitable for large sewing machines of other manufacturersThe trolley is made of a robust material, which guarantees a high level of protection from wear and tearAn extra large storage compartment in the front area offers a lot of space for your sewing accessories, such as scissors, reel cutters, fabrics and much moreWith a chic embroidered original W6 logo on the front compartmentWith an ergonomic handle to prevent it from cutting into your hand when carryingThe zip fasteners are equipped with two zippers each, which can be used with an optional padlock for some extra security, if necessaryColour: blackDimensions: Width: approx. 69 cm; depth: approx. 35 cm; height: approx. 43 cm; height with telescopic guide (extended): approx. 91 cm


Dust covers for storage

The practical dust covers are available in white and with a slit for your sewing machine’s handle.
Our product is suitable for W6 sewing machines, but also for sewing machines from other manufacturers with the same dimensions.

If you aren’t sewing at the time, you can fit the dust cover over your machine. Dust, debris or curious pets are kept away from your sewing aid. This means you don’t have to clean the machine quite as often. And thanks to the slit in the sleeve, you can easily move the sewing machine to another location in your home.

If you are working with an overlock machine, you can also protect this from dirt and dust using a sleeve. In our online shop, you will also find the corresponding dust cover for various W6 overlock models.

Sturdy sewing machine bags and cases for safe transportation

Would you like to meet your friends for an afternoon of sewing, or participate in that sewing course you’ve been looking forward to with your own machine? In that case, we recommend a high-quality sewing machine bag for your sewing machine or overlock machine. This will allow you to transport your sewing aid anywhere you like, quickly and simply. There is also room in the bag for more sewing utensils.

Do you often travel with your sewing machine? Do you have a particularly heavy model? The sewing machine trolley has room for your sewing machine and many accessories. The sturdy trolley also has a lowerable and adjustable telescopic handle. You can conveniently pull the case behind you, while your sewing machine is perfectly protected.

Discover the sewing world for yourself with W6 Wertarbeit

We can supply everything you need for your sewing craft. Starting off with a quality sewing machine, then on to extensive accessories, and then finishing off with the consumables, such as thread. Whether you’re a beginner, enthusiastic hobby tailor or a pro: W6 Wertarbeit has the right product in the range to suit everyone.

Of course, every sewing station needs a high-quality sewing machine. Hence our tip: You will receive a 10-year warranty for a W6 sewing machine if you register on our website.

As your reliable and highly competent partner, we also offer a comprehensive service along with the branded products. Got any questions about a product? Get in touch with us! We are happy to advise you by phone or via email.

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