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Quilting / patchwork needles

Each craft uses special tools to achieve the best results. So it is with sewing, quilting and patchwork. While a universal needle is perfectly adequate for many sewing jobs, it can cause insurmountable difficulties for quilting and patchwork. That's why you use W6 quilting and patchwork needles to create unique bedspreads and other patchwork art. In our online shop you will find the ideal needles. Take your time to look around and discover everything you need for quilting or patchwork.

W6 sewing machine needle, quilting 75 - 90 (5 needles)
The display packaging may vary due to supply shortages.Sewing machine needle: 130 / 705 H-QJNeedle size: 75 - 90set of: 5 piecesApplication: for all types of quilting workTip: The thicker the fabric, the greater the needle size. For straight stitches, please increase the stitch length to approx. 4 in the sewing machine settings.

Content: 5 Stück (€0.44* / 1 Stück)

W6 sewing machine needle, super stretch 90 HAx1SP (5 needles)
The display packaging may vary due to supply shortages.Sewing machine needle: 130 / 705 HNeedle size: 90Set of: 5 piecesUsed for: All stretch fabrics, fabrics with elastic fibres, stretch French pile, stretch terry fabrics, greasy wool fabrics, jerseyTip: The thicker the fabric, the greater the needle size. Please adjust the stitch length when setting up the sewing machine. Should the fabric tend to crimp nonetheless, put stabiliser or water-soluble stabiliser under the fabric to be sewn.

Content: 5 Stück (€0.56* / 1 Stück)


Quality needles for quilting and patchwork

Why should you use a quilting needle? It has features that other sewing machine needles don’t have. When sewing fabrics together in quilting and patchworking, you mainly have three or more layers which are sewn on top of each other. The thicker the fabric under the sewing machine, the greater the probability that a universal needle will bend or even break.

On the other hand, quilting and patchwork needles are made from extremely stable material and are therefore more resistant. These sewing tools have a thinner appearance so that they can get through the fabric and fleece layers more easily. The particularly fine tip ensures neat, even seams.

Depending on the thickness of your fabric, you can use an appropriate needle in your sewing machine. At W6 you will find quilting needles in sizes 75 to 90. In general, we can say: the thicker the fabric, the greater the size of the needle.

When using a special needle for quilting and patchwork, you will save valuable time thanks to the smooth sewing process. And you will conjure up beautiful craftwork of an excellent quality. Because hardly anything displays nearly as much creativity and personality as a quilt or patchwork cushion. They are also a great idea as a loving gift for your family or friends.

Quilting and patchwork with stretch fabrics

Have you found a fabric that inspires you to do great things, but found out that it’s an elastic material? This isn’t a problem either. Thanks to the super stretch HAx1SP needle, you can create fascinating artworks using this fabric. Needles for elastic fabrics such as jersey or stretch fabrics have a rounded tip. This allows the needle to move the fabric fibres aside without piercing them. This prevents nasty holes in your fabric from the outset.

If your selected fabric tends to crimp, even though you have all the right settings, place stabiliser or water-soluble stabiliser under the fabric. The stabiliser gives the stretchy fabric more stability and it keeps its shape.

Quilting, patchwork, embroidery, sewing: W6 Wertarbeit is ready for anything

We supply our W6 needles in practical sets of five. Of course, in our extensive range, you can find many other products which belong in a good sewing kit. Starting off with a sewing or embroidering machine, to countless accessories, right up to consumables like thread – we supply top quality products. Whether you’re a beginner, hobby tailor, professional, course teacher or buying equipment for schools: You can order everything that you need from us.

We don’t just offer high-quality products, we also give you first-class service. This is what makes W6 Wertarbeit special. And we have a tip for you: If you register on our website, you will receive a 10-year warranty for your new sewing machine.

Get in touch with us with your questions. We are happy to advise you by phone or via email. We’re here to help you, as a reliable and experienced partner. Follow your inspiration and come with us to experience the colourful and unique world of quilting and patchwork. Let your creativity run wild!

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