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Embroidery feet

The ancient tradition of embroidery can be done by hand or you can use an embroidery machine to create beautiful works of art on fabric. The advantage of an embroidery machine? You save time and get precise results of the highest quality.

To ensure that you can fully enjoy your embroideries, use the appropriate needles and an embroidery foot. Our embroidery accessories are perfectly adapted to the special requirements of the embroidery process. Use the W6 embroidery foot to adorn your sewing with creative embellishments.

W6 free-hand embroidering frame 12.7 cm (5 inches), pink
The free-hand embroidering frame W6, 12.7 cm (5 inches), is used for freely guiding creative patterns, motifs and letters.Application: Fix the fabric in place with W6 self-adhesive stabiliser at the bottom.Clamp in the underlaid fabric without any folds and pull it tightly in the free-hand embroidering frameThe underlaid fabric can be ideally guided and turned now by means of the free-hand embroidering frameW6 tip:The W6 sewing machine embroidery, darning and free-hand quilting foot is ideally suited for free guiding.This special foot has hardly any contact surface and simplifies the creative guidance of patterns, motifs and letters.The sewing instructions for needle painting with the sewing machine are provided in our W6-WERTARBEIT sewing projects:Needle painting with the sewing machine

W6 sewing machine circulatory sewing attachment for W6 N 9000/9500C QPL
The circulatory sewing attachment can be used to create unique patterns and motifs. Circles, flowers, petals as well as creative and outlandish graphical patterns in different sizes can be combined to complex patterns. Give free rein to your creativity.The W6 WERTARBEIT circulatory sewing attachment can create circles with diameters of 6 to 26 cm.Indication in inch and cm. This corresponds to 2.5 to 10.25 inches.Scope of delivery:Metal circulatory sewing attachment with pink pinPink pinTemplates included:Blue template for sewing circlesBlue template for stitching a flower with 4 petalsBlue template for stitching a flower with 6 petalsFixing screws - amount: 2

W6 sewing machine embroidery, darning and free-hand quilting foot
Presser foot for all W6 WERTARBEIT sewing machines.Application: This foot enables free guidance for free-hand embroidery or darning. It is also ideal for quilting and free-hand quilting.Screw-on the shaft of the presser foot.Use the screw of the shaft of the presser foot to tighten the darning embroidery foot at the needle bar.Let the right bracket run over the right needle bar.Tip 1: Select the full sewing machine speed; this is the only way to ensure that the sewing piece can be easily guided into turns.Tip 2: Please put sufficient stabiliser under the fabric or use an embroidering frame. This prevents any distortion from occurring while sewing.Sewing machine setting:Stitch: Straight stitch or zigzag (width 3-5)Stitch length: not too narrow, as this hinders the sewing machine from rendering a good forward conveyance.Please note: The instructions for replacing the presser foot/foot shaft can be found in the manual.

W6 sewing machine, creative presser foot for circles and flowers (special foot)
With this presser foot, there are no limits to your creativity.For example, you can spruce up table sets and clothing or decorate your living space with simple yet beautiful motifs.Suitable for all W6 computer-controlled sewing machines (W6 N 2000 to W6 N 9500C QPL).The mechanical W6 sewing machines (W6 N 1135 to W6 N 1235/61) are only capable of stitching the pattern versions 2 and 3.Please always observe the attachment instructions and tips & tricks for the presser foot under the Help menu item. 

W6 Stickmaschinen Ersatzstickfuß EU2 / EU5 / EU7
W6 Ersatzteil:Stickeinheit EU2Stickeinheit EU5Stickeinheit EU7


The best quality W6 embroidery foot

Our embroidery foot is suitable for all W6 sewing machines. Attach the embroidery module to your sewing machine, switch to the desired needle and embroidery foot. You’re already prepared for your next embroidery project.

The W6 embroidery foot allows you to guide freely for freehand embroidery and more. For example, you can darn holes in garments. It’s also very straightforward to carry out quilting and freehand quilting work with this foot.

Along with the top branded quality embroidery foot, we can also give you valuable tips for the best embroidery results. Place an adequate amount of stabiliser under the fabric, or use an embroidery frame. This keeps your fabric straight and your motif will be perfect. To perform slight turns while sewing, the full sewing machine speed should be selected. You can order both various variants of stabiliser and the right size of embroidery frame in our online shop at the same time. With a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch in the appropriate stitch length, you can delight in marvellous embroidered motifs.

Every sewing machine is structured differently. Check your manual if you wish to replace your presser foot or metal bar.

Extensive accessories for the unique craft of embroidery

As well as qualitysewing machines and embroidering machines, W6 Wertarbeit also has many different accessories and consumables for the creative craft. Whether you’re an ambitious beginner, hobby tailor or pro: We have everything that you need for embroidery. It’s also worthwhile ordering from W6 for your embroidery course or school. Decorate tops, trousers, jackets, bags and much more with our embroidery motifs or with your own creations.

Of course, we also offer high-quality embroidery software for your works of art. Create or modify motifs entirely as you wish, with Hatch Embroidery. This software even allows you to simulate the actual embroidery process.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Along with our products, we also offer a comprehensive service. Our tip: Register on the W6 website and you will receive a 10-year warranty for your new sewing or embroidering machine. If you have any questions, we are happy to advise you by phone or via email. Be inspired by the traditional and colourful world of embroidery. You will be amazed at the unique masterpieces you can create with W6!

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